Nutrition Initial Consultation

The initial nutrition appointments will take place either at the clients home, at the University of Texas Maverick Activity Center, or at an agreed upon location. Appointments last 1-2 hours depending upon the client needs.

Nutrition Follow-up

Appointments take place at the clients home, the University of Texas at Arlington Maverick Activity Center, or at an agreed upon location. Follow ups last 30 minutes to 1 1/2 hours depending upon the clients needs.

Nutrition Speaking Engagements/ Cooking Demos

Nutrition Speaking engagements start at $150 and Cooking Demos start at $200. Prices varies depending upon the activity. All speaking engagements must be booked at least 1weeks in advance and cooking demos at least 2 weeks in advance to allow for proper preparation time. Please contact Stacie at to provide specifics on your event. Be sure to include the following: - Topic of interest -Preferred delivery method (lecture with PowerPoint, Class with handouts, interactive activites, etc.) - Technology that will be available (none, computer, projector, USB port) -If handouts are being provided will you print or do you need me to bring printed copies (if so how many) -Room layout (chairs, table, any equipment, kitchen space and equipment that is avaiable) -Audience (any special considerations of the audience, age, gender, common interest) - Location of the event - Time and expected duration - Any additional information